About Us: Meet the Team


Meet the Founder Cathy Alderman: A Visionary Leader: | DSS Facility License #: 013422372,

Cathy Alderman stands as the visionary leader behind Cathy’s Village, bringing a wealth of experience deeply rooted in the Education Sector. Her journey includes earning degrees in Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Intervention from Chabot College. With a rich background, Cathy has had the privilege of dedicating numerous years to the Fremont Unified School District, contributing significantly to the education and growth of young minds.

Before founding Cathy’s Village, Cathy successfully operated a thriving program in Fremont, showcasing her commitment to providing quality early childhood education. Beyond her professional achievements, Cathy is a compassionate parent to three biological children, complemented by her role as an adoptive parent to four children.

Cathy’s passion for creating a nurturing environment for children to blossom and grow is evident in every aspect of Cathy’s Village. Her hands-on approach, coupled with a child-centered philosophy, ensures that the program not only meets but exceeds the expectations of parents seeking a supportive and enriching learning environment for their children. Cathy’s dedication, coupled with her experience and genuine love for fostering growth, makes her an exceptional leader in the field of early childhood education.

Meet the Founder Tim Alderman: A Pillar of Support at Cathy’s Village

Tim Alderman plays a pivotal role at Cathy’s Village, standing as a steadfast pillar of support and a valuable team member. His skills go beyond providing support; Tim has a knack for constructing whatever our program requires. His commitment and unwavering support are instrumental in ensuring the children not only thrive but also have a safe and enriched environment to grow. Tim’s hands-on involvement and dedication bring an extra layer of care and expertise to Cathy’s Village, making him an indispensable part of our nurturing community